Friday, January 4, 2013

Hazel -Happy New Year

It's 2014 and it's off to a great start.  Over the holidays I worked on Hazel, a little girl we met on our travels in New Zealand!  I think she may have been dressed up for Halloween, as they celebrate that holiday also.  Hazel is related to my daughter-in-law, therefore she is Maori and beautiful!  I thought it would be fun to post the picture that I was working from and the painting that I created.    I have a very small group of "art critics"  (my daughter, my son & my daughter-in-law) that share their thoughts with me as I work on the paintings.  At one time my painting had the hands and red sweater in it but that all  disappeared today.  I have a Maori warrior in the works but I may take a break and do some flowers!  Happy New Year