Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Everything is moving so quickly!  We rode our motorcycles to New York City last week to visit my sister and her family.  We had to cross the George Washington Bridge and navigate our way through Long Island.  I was very nervous about all the New York traffic but every one was very considerate of us on the bikes!  We did everything we could do in two days in the city.  We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, the 911 memorial (it took my breath away), China Town, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, and a carriage ride through central park.  My brother in law had us on a two hour feeding schedule (just kidding); the food and company was outstanding.  Every where we went I kept seeing sunflowers for sale or growing in fields around the vineyards.  I took quite a few pictures but as soon as I back home to Indiana I bought some sunflowers and painted them.  I am hoping to have time to do another painting before they wilt.