Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Visiting Boulder Creek, California for a month was an experience and one I completely enjoyed.  When I got home to Indiana I painted sunflowers because I was seeing sunflowers at all the farmer's markets in the Santa Cruz area.  Both paintings of the sunflowers sold, I'm feeling good!  I love to see my paintings go out the door.  Strawberries were something else that were in abundance at all the markets and of course delicious.  These strawberries were actually from California but bought in Indiana and a challenge to paint.  This painting will go out in my email on Thursday.  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Paintings Coming!

Fall is here!  Today may be the end of our sunny fall days which means much more time for me to paint.  I have been doing small paintings and posting them on eBay.  Both my sunflower paintings sold last week now let's see if my two little white ducks sell this week.  I enjoy putting my paintings in the mail and I am starting to get some repeat customers. On Thursday I will post a new painting of California strawberries!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Home from California

I just spent a month in Boulder Creek, California amongst the "tree people"!  It's a bit of an inside joke.  My son, daughter in law and baby Ireland just bought a home in Boulder Creek.  I went out there to play with baby Ireland while everyone worked on the house!  A month is a long time to live in the forest.  Boulder Creek doesn't have any stop lights but it does have two grocery stores and some small shops on Main St.

Even though I have spent a respectable amount of hours on my motorcycle exploring mountain roads I was still intimidated by all the curves and steep grades going up and down the mountain to get to their house.  Baby Ireland and I explored the area almost every morning, we found every play park in a 40 mile radius, various streams, trails and even a covered bridge!  I made sure I kept her stroller strapped to my wrist after all if I was to lose the stroller for even a moment it would have been long gone in no time at all!   Almost every farmers market and grocery store had fresh flowers but as it was late in the year so I didn't see many flowers actually growing.  Baby Ireland  liked the sunflowers better than any other flower, though she has quite an affection for cats!  Everyone was very friendly, especially the people who frequented the "green cross" store next to the coffee shop!

I arrived home on a Saturday and went for a walk the next day with my husband.  It was a nice fall Indian Summer day in Indiana, no mountains to climb!  I told everyone in Boulder Creek that I was from a state where you could stand on one side of it and see the other side, it's just that flat in Indiana!  On our walk some white ducks in a pond  caught my eye and fortunately I had my iPhone with me.  I took quite a few pictures and went back out the next day with my camera to take more.  These little ducks are going up on eBay next week and the sunflowers are already being bid upon.

I am headed to Michigan to celebrate our twin grandsons 6th birthday!  I will have a couple of months of no travelling so I hope to be painting fast and furiously!