Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Five Yellow Tulips

It seems as if winter just won't give up this year.  I was complaining on facebook that it was -4 this morning and my friends in Wisconsin let me know that it was -17.  My friends in Porto Alegre, Brazil are posting temperatures of 104.  We are either too hot or too cold, so the tulips were a fun winter painting.  

The paintings always look better in my studio than on the web.  I'm getting ready for another road trip but when I get back I am going to learn how to take better pictures of my paintings. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Teapot and Sunflowers

This painting is 8" x 6" and Indiana is under another "winter storm warning" for 7" - 9"!  The teapot was extremely difficult to paint.  I did two paintings of the same teapot and found each one to be equally difficult.  I have decided to wait another month or two before I try another teapot.   This afternoon I went to our local Florist, Adrienne's and bought tulips and daffodils.  Painting spring flowers should be bring warmth into my studio as the winter storm warnings come and go.