Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kawakawa Bay - Jeff Surf Fishing

Kawakawa Bay!  I posted the last picture without the fisherman and now you see the fisherman, my son -Jeff.  This bay is beautiful and Jeff was at such peace just standing waiting for "his fish".  Unfortunately we he didn't catch anything that day, and we all tried.  After Thanksgiving is over I think I would like to try a Maori Warrior!  

Jeff helping me with my pole!

Jeff & his dad fishing together

Pretty picture of the bay.

Friday, November 9, 2012

New Zealand Surf Fishing

I started this painting last year in acyrlics and I didn't like it so I decided I would wait and do it in oil.  I have been working in oils for the past year and this is my first large painting in oils, 28 x 22.  This is Kawakawa Bay in South Auckland, it's on the east coast. The fisherman is missing at the moment and I hope to get him in the painting by the end of next week. New Zealand is so pretty and the colors are so vivid  and I really tried to capture that in the painting.  I am guessing that I will work more on the clouds and little more on the water before I add the fisherman!  If I could revisit any one place that I have traveled to it would be New Zealand, in fact I would love to spend a year in New Zealand.  It's absolutely beautiful.  ...and I still don't know how people walk barefoot on these rocks!