Monday, March 3, 2014



With the weather here in Indiana I have had plenty of time to paint and I really got into a zone on this painting.  The picture is from the client who bought it.  They took the painting home, set it up in their home and were gracious enough to sent me the photo.  I love seeing my paintings and how they are being displayed in their new home.

I have slowed down a little on painting as I am currently traveling too much but having fun.  I have been to Michigan, California, Michigan, and Florida since January.  They were all fun fun trips but no motorcycles.  Tomorrow I head back to Florida to visit with my mom for a few weeks.  I will be leaving a morning high of 4 degrees to waking up in the 60's and hitting a high of 80.  I'm  taking my sketch pad and some photos of my grandsons with me.  I have always wanted to do some paintings of the little guys so I will practice on the sketches while I am in Florida.

By the time I get back to Indiana we will officially be in Spring and Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party".  Let's Party means its time for a motorcycle road trip!

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