Friday, April 25, 2014

Daffodils in April

8 x 6 original oil painting on canvas!  This spring I did two paintings of daffodils, one I sold one on eBay and this one is a commission.  This painting will reside in Utah and will be a very special birthday present! Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers, my Grandfather had a small forest of daffodils in the spring.  He passed away on April 15th, 1968 so painting these daffodils was very special for me.  I checked my notes on this painting and I started it on April 15th!  On the day he passed away I wanted to pick daffodils from his land for his funeral service.   I took my youngest sister out to the field of daffodils and we picked a very large basket of daffodils.  My sister was only seven years old at the time and she talked non-stop about the daffodils, why we were picking them, what were we going to do with them , were they going die, and how much water would they need!    As we walked backed to the house she took the basket and sprinted into the kitchen.  She was so excited, she told everyone that she picked these flowers just for Grandpa.  When we went to the service there was the basket of daffodils right next to my Grandfather!  I have planted daffodils in every home I have lived in,  No matter where I lived I was always able to have my Grandfather with me every spring!

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