Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two Paintings

It's a rainy day which makes it perfect for little paintings.  I have a good start on these persimmons, which is a fruit that grows wild over southern Indiana.  Once I'm finished with the painting I plan on making a persimmon crumb cake!  I'll finish the persimmons on Friday and they will go out to eBay on Tuesday just in time for Thanksgiving!  I'm sure the crumb cake with be baked and eaten by the end of weekend!

I'm playing around with different ways to get the paint on the canvas for a quick daily painting. Yesterday I painted the barn and field with no cows, today I painted a new one and added two little cows.  I am also trying to use my pallet knife which makes it very thick and fun.  The is a little Indiana farm that I pass by every Tuesday on my way to art class.  This painting will go to eBay on Friday.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pumpkin and Sunflowers

The start of my daily painting!  I bought the pumpkin and sunflowers at the grocery store, came home and set up my still life.  The painting really looks small on the easel!  The little drawing in the upper right hand corner is by my six year old grandson, in fact I think he did that drawing last year at Thanksgiving.  When ever I start to take my too seriously I look at his drawing, I study the lines, the clouds, the sun and the trees then I can go back to my painting and relax a little!

A few hours later and I have my finished painting.  Tomorrow I think I'll paint cows!  

Monday, November 4, 2013

Strawberries and Wine

I started and thought I had finished this painting last week but the longer I looked at it the less I like the background!  So after a glass of grape juice and water I have a new background.  The Boulder Creek area in California had quite a few wineries.  My daughter-in-law and  I visited the Mountain Winery and we had a great afternoon.    Our little "mountain baby" spent the day with her dad , we text him when we were ready to come home.  My bottle of wine is gone, my strawberries are gone but I have a vase of sunflowers.  Tomorrow I will be working on sunflowers.  

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Storm in Indiana

Last night the Halloween Monster Storm hit Indiana just as forecasted.  Fortunately it wasn't as much of a monster as predicted though trick or treat night was moved to November 1st, today!  I did prepare for the storm, I had my bottle water, I made a stew and prepared for a day or two with out power.  I also decided to paint a glass of wine and some strawberries!  I still have some wine but the strawberries are gone.  I did visit a winery while in Boulder Creek, California.  The winery was a treat to my daughter in law and myself as we had spent the past month entertaining our "mountain baby"!  The "Monster Storm" was the perfect excuse to purchase some California wine and paint away.  This painting goes up for sale on eBay next week Tuesday.